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Legal matters have always been a sensitive issue, which require professional involvement or a strict legal perspective. These issues need not be only related to crimes but could be from various different fields in life. So if you find yourself in need of such services then we at Equality Law are here to help.

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How To Start a Lawsuit If You Have Been a Victim Of Medical Malpractice 

If you’ve been at the receiving end of medical malpractice and are looking to file a lawsuit against the people involved, there are a few things you need to know. There are steps you need to take to ensure that your case has merit or if you are entitled to a compensation before actually filing a lawsuit. It takes up time and money so make sure you know what you’re doing. Here are some things you should do to start a lawsuit if you have been a victim of medical malpractice;

Contact Your Medical Caregiver

Normally, most medical malpractice cases tend to be settled outside the court owing to the fact that they take up a lot of time and money. Contact your medical caregiver to understand what happened and where things went wrong in your treatment. Some medical professionals offer to remedy the damage caused by providing free of charge recovery procedures or benefits to help counter the issue you’re facing. Before you actually file the lawsuit, you need to know whether your case even has merit and that’s a great place to start to figure out whether you have a claim.

Keep a Copy Of Your Medical Records

If you know you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, to have a claim, you’re going to need a copy of your medical records. Ideally, you should ask for a copy yourself before you do anything else to ensure that your records are not changed or altered in any way to make your claim go away. Make sure that you receive a copy, before asking or talking to your doctor about possible medical malpractice so no steps are taken against your claim and even if they are, you have your original records on hand!

Consult a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A medical malpractice attorney can help you through the whole process and can get you to claim your right due after suffering through emotional or physical distress at the hands of medical malpractice. medical negligence lawyers adelaide are professionals who are highly specialized in the field and know the law surrounding it and can even help you determine whether you have a claim and if you do, how much it’s worth. A medical malpractice attorney can identify the strengths and shortcomings of your case and provide the best plan for you to take your case forward. They can also help you with out of court settlements and avoid the case going to trial as that will save you a lot of hassle. Having an attorney by your side increases the chances of you getting the claim exponentially!

What is parental alienation (PAS) and what are the consequences

With the term parental alienation (PAS), or parental alienation , the Court of Cassation refers to the situation that arises when one of the parents, after a separation, discredits the other in the eyes of the minor child, provoking for the purpose of revenge a inevitable adverse reaction .

The alienating parent can make use of disparaging expressions or even false accusations, building a fictitious family reality that generates a deep feeling of hatred in the child towards the ex-spouse.

The psychological consequences for a child in the face of this vindictive strategy can seriously compromise his inner balance . Often, a minor forced to undergo a similar influence by one of the parents, moves away from the other (usually it is the non-cohabiting parent) coming to totally reject him and not going to the meetings established by the judge.

Psychological conditioning towards the minor child
Cases of parental alienation are very frequent, and more often to the detriment of the father. This prevalence is due to the fact that, in separate couples, underage children generally live with the mother. It may happen that the foster parent psychologically conditions the children, with the intention of excluding the figure of the other parent.

The strong influence of the maternal (or sometimes paternal) figure in conflict with the father (or mother) induces a child to develop a sort of hatred towards the other parent , up to eliminating any possibility of interaction. The expulsion of the child is therefore desired by the foster parent himself, who takes his revenge by depriving the ex partner of both the affection and the presence of the child.

what is parental alienation

What is parental alienation and what are the legal consequences
According to the law, the parent who discredits the ex-spouse in the eyes of the minor child can suffer serious consequences: from the simple warning by the judge, to the obligation to pay compensation , up to the revocation of the shared custody . The mother or father who compromises, or even destroys, the emotional relationship between the other parent and the child can therefore be prosecuted by law .

Parental alienation represents serious psychological damage towards both the child , who according to the law has full right to parenting , and to the alienated parent , who has the right and duty to contribute to the growth and education of the child and participate in decisions that affect him. Indeed, this type of behavior prevents the child from enjoying the presence of both parents and the alienated parent from responsibly performing their role.

The judge is obliged to verify the existence of alienating behaviors using various investigative tools , including the testimony of the minors themselves. Indeed, the magistrate should consider the ability of a parent to preserve the interaction of the cohabiting child with the ex-spouse.

This is because both the father and the mother, in the presence of the child, must avoid any occasion of confrontation , committing themselves to foster family harmony and to maintain mutual respect, without showing rivalry.

Restart the dialogue and the emotional relationship with the alienated parent, the solution
In the case of PAS ascertained, entrusting the child to the alienated parent as a penalty is an inadequate solution , considering that the child has already developed a strong aversion towards him. Instead, it is necessary, first of all, to restore and encourage the interaction and the emotional relationship through social and psychological support, then the judge will determine whether to warn the guilty parent or impose compensation for having compromised the child’s emotional relationship with the child. ex-spouse.

Partnership or capital company, which to choose?

Partnership or capital companies: what are the differences?
Before setting up a company, you need to define which type of company is closest to your needs , from the point of view of responsibilities and purposes to be achieved, organizational and costs. How to orient oneself in the multitude of possibilities? We asked the lawyer Gianluca Meterangelo from Milan.

“Capital companies are defined as such because in them the element of capital brought into the company prevails over the subjective element represented by the shareholders” explains the lawyer. “These are medium-large companies with an even large number of shareholders . From a formal point of view, they are joint stock companies : the joint-stock company (SpA), the limited liability company (Srl), the simplified limited liability company (Srls) and the limited partnership (Sapa). “

The partnerships instead?

” Partnerships are companies in which the subjective element represented by shareholders with respect to capital is prevalent ” specifies Avv. Meterangelo. “They are generally small companies , characterized by a limited number of members. There are three types of partnerships: the simple company (Ss), the collective name company (Snc) and the limited partnerships (Sas). How do corporations work? “The capital company operates through three bodies :

The Shareholders’ Meeting with competence to deliberate on the internal organization and on the most important issues of the company. Directors (board of directors or sole director) with management duties.The statutory auditors who control and supervise the activities of the directors “. A minimum capital that varies according to the type of company is required to set up a capital company. Capital companies have perfect asset autonomy , which means that the liability for the company’s debts is limited to its assets and the shareholders are only liable for the amounts paid.

The partnerships instead?
” Partnerships are companies organized according to the person of the partners , who normally take care of their organization and management, lending their work to them” continues the lawyer. “These companies have no legal personality distinct from the person of the shareholders and have imperfect patrimonial autonomy , which means that the liability of the partners for the company’s debts is unlimited and jointly and severally .

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